Press Releases for Jet Noir

Here is some Press Releases I wrote for the amazing Jet Noir. You should all have a listen to her music, she is amazing and is going to be huge.

Take a look here;

Jet Noir

Jet Noir Emotional Chess

and here is some of her great music for you to have a listen to;


Evolve or Die Press Release

Here’s a Press release I wrote for the amazing new Record Label Evolve or Die.

They are an amazing up and coming label that works with artists to deliver the very best in the industry.

Have a look, click the link below;

Reproduction 13 Promo

Sweet Shops

What ever happened to good old fashioned sweet shops? You know, the ones that have the big jars behind the counter filled with sweets you can’t even buy any more. Magic Mushrooms, Toffee Crumble, Chocolate Nuts, all of them were amazing and filled to the brim with sugar and E numbers, damn it I fucking love E numbers!

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Article About Alissa Chowdhury

Alternative Hop-Hop band Urban Prophecies are releasing their own reworking of Athlete’s classic track Wires on 28 January 2013, with all proceeds going to The Meningitis Trust. We Caught up with band member Manuel Chowdhury to find out what got the band involved.

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Song: Kick The Habit

I opened up the window and the sun burned the sleep off my face

Pouring black gold into a mug shaking stains all over the place

Staring at the mirror I don’t recognise these eyes

Blood shot and tender, dry with malice and glazed with lies

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My Boy

I have a new son, I say new he’s 7weeks old now, the new is in reference to the fact I already have a son (and a daughter) but I’m a different person from when they were born. When my first two kids were babies, I didn’t appreciate the little things, I was too busy trying to be a dad and at the same time trying to young a popular, have friends and a social life, that I forgot to ‘enjoy’ being a dad.

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The Psychology Of Comics

I’ve been a comic book fan for many years, not primarily for the art, but because I love the way characters are built in such a small area. Novel writers have pages upon pages to build characters and create an emotional attachment to them, but for a Comic book writer there is limited space to create emotion through text, so you rely heavily on the readers interpretation of your words and the artists depiction of the scene.

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